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Providing Space for Children to Develop Greatness

When it comes to learning, Tomorrow’s Leaders is committed to educating the child holistically: mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. What sets us apart is the experience of our staff and the integration of an after-school program with our proven martial art system. As martial art teachers, we have decades of experience motivating our community’s children to become the best they can be. We strive to teach and develop positive self-esteem in an environment that promotes and provides successful experiences, opportunities, and skill-building.

Our after-school environment allows martial art training that has statistically shown improved academic development., reduced behavioral issues, increased social competence, and better relationships with peers and adults. Etiquette is defined as behavior motivated by respect. This is the cornerstone of our martial art program and will, in turn, be the basis of our after-school program.

We offer the following programs:

little girls writing in school

After-School Care

We will ensure your kids stay safe and have fun with us.

children running outdoors

Summer Camp

Fun activities await your curious and creative kids!

children in martial arts uniform posing

Martial Arts

We will teach your kids self-defense and skill-building.

boy with a bag

Drop-In Care

We are committed to supporting all parents.

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