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Our Commitment to Your Family

In our school, our highly trained teachers, instructors, and staff facilitate training, learning, and play in a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment. We focus on encouraging your child to engage in activities and help develop age-appropriate cognitive, gross motor, and fine motor skills. Throughout the day, we make time to teach those intangible yet ever-important lessons, such as character development, by emphasizing the importance of patience, perseverance, sportsmanship, respect, and embracing difference.

Every minute has momentum and value- in the classroom, at home, and throughout the community. Our approach to after-school education is built around the fundamentals of traditional martial art. Our martial art training follows us everywhere we go and in turn, so does our martial art etiquette. We expect our students to be as respectful at home as they are on the practice floor.

Our reputation in the community is second to none, and nearly all of our new students come from referrals. For years, our community has asked us to incorporate an After School program, and we are proud to meet the needs of our community with the introduction of Tomorrow’s Leaders.

By enrolling your child in our school, you are making an investment in the community in which you work and live. It is simple; children immersed in a positive, stimulating, and safe environment grow into leaders of tomorrow. Your children will gain confidence, respect, and a strong sense of community in your home, neighborhood, and their school.

We look forward to having you and your family become a part of the Tomorrow’s Leaders community.

Center-Based Learning

Tomorrow’s Leaders believes that the best way to encourage learning is through a center-based learning approach. Research shows that center-based room arrangements help children establish classroom routines, make greater connections to the outside world, and develop more ownership over new skills and milestones.


By incorporating the martial art philosophy into our after-school program, we go beyond childcare. We develop confident and inclusive leaders. Through encouragement, goal setting, and learning through skill building, we teach emotional and physical development, social and leadership skills, and self-regulation. It is our goal to teach these essential life skills through character building and personal development and create a culture that builds positive relationship opportunities between peers, parents, and the community. We will set the path for your child’s personal and future professional success. Furthermore, your child will acquire the skills and strength of character that will foster success now and in the future. To achieve these high standards, Tomorrow’s Leaders is committed to providing:

  1. A caring, nurturing, and skill-based learning environment
  2. A creative, developmentally appropriate curriculum for every age group that encompasses all facets of learning
  3. World-class martial art instruction
  4. Peace of mind for parents based upon an open-door policy and safe, secure surroundings
  5. Well-trained childcare professionals who are dedicated to partnering with families and passionate about educating children
  6. Experiences that raise each child’s awareness and understanding of our diverse world

Our goal is to help our community raise children to become responsible and disciplined citizens, develop strong values and contribute greatly to the world.

Our Values and Philosophy

We are driven to help develop not only your child’s individual ability to:

  • Provide an environment where we can teach the value of kindness, sharing, and caring for others so that your child can be both a team leader and a supportive and collaborative team player.
  • Create a positive outlet and a safe place that introduces a variety of activities and experiences designed to help your child learn more about themselves, their friends, and their environment.
  • Build social skills and empathy through emotional intelligence, maturity, and growth by recognizing and accepting emotions, thoughts, and feelings in themselves and others.
  • Teach constructive and acceptable ways to express their thoughts and feelings in a healthy and appropriate manner through encouragement, guidance, and support.
  • Expand your child’s perspective and appreciation by exposing them to a rich culture, history and tradition, lifestyle, language, and art.
  • Provide and set goals that will help them foster responsibility in themselves which will build their confidence, self-discipline, mental and physical health, and facilitate appropriate independence.
  • Teach them to be positive, respectful, kind, and inclusive members of the community and society through essential life principles, such as:
    • Virtue
    • Trust
    • Intelligence
    • Bravery
    • Discipline

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